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4:20 CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after much deliberation, we decided to post my 4/20 video early and hold a small contest! leave a comment on the video to enter yourself into the drawing for a free pizza shirt and a buttload of stickers!!!!!!!all you have to do is watch the video (i suggest smoking a little weed first), enjoying it for how wonderful it is (because it is so wonderful), and leave a comment (please be nice) and check back on 4/20 at 4:20 EST to find out if you won!WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH psssst donut forget about this giant 4/20 sale 


Minerva McGonagall is one badass mofo and is basically perfection in witch form.

Everybody gets against a wall because when McGonagall steps up shits about to go down 

Shit got real:

when I see the same joke on Facebook:

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